Code of Ethics


As a financial services institution acting in a fiduciary position, we value our word being our bond by remaining faithful to our commitment to deliver value to our stakeholders


As a business that invests client funds, integrity will be paramount among all staff and will form the basis for all decisions and actions. The company will adopt an ethical and professional code of conduct that will value openness and honesty and will strive to be fair in all dealings with diligence and humility.


All Credent staff will perform their work with expertise, dedication, care and requisite confidentiality. Credent shall take responsibility in ensuring that the right tools and development programs are provided to enable efficient execution of duties. Staff will exhibit a courteous, conscientious and business-like manner in all of their actions.


The staff of Credent will ensure resources are used effectively and efficiently in producing value-for-money; promote ethical and policy-based decisions, motivated by a concern for client interest; be rewarded for good performance and carry consequences when rules are knowingly broken.

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